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Welcome to North Hill Dental Center

Family Dentist Richmond Hill

We are a green, paperless, and chartless dental office.
We are environmentally friendly in everything we do!

We are here to offer you the highest level of dental care in our brand new office located in the heart of Richmond Hill, at the corner of Yonge and Major Mackenzie.

New patients are always welcome, including children of all ages. Our green dental office features state of the art equipment, including a kid's zone with games, movies and multi-media consoles.

Dental Care For Children

Caring for your child's oral health through prevention, quality treatment and positive motivation is our top priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to your questions and concerns about your child's oral health so we can give you and your family all the information you need to make the best decisions.
We look forward to meeting with you and working together to make every dental visit fun for your child.

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Snap, Crackle, Pop: is that your Jaw?

Clicking or popping could mean trouble that is if it comes from your jaw. Joint sound is one of the most recognized signs of temporomandibular disorders, commonly referred to as TMJ. While not all jaw sounds necessarily point to TMJ, it could be an early sign and always should be checked out by your...
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Low Vitamin D Levels Could Raise Cavity Risk For Children

Some babies may be starting in a trail position with regards to their dental health. A Canadian study indicates that low levels of vitamin D in pregnant women may increase the possibility of their children developing cavities. The lack of vitamin D may result in problems with enamel, which dir...
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North Hill Dental Center

Family Dentist Richmond Hill

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North Hill Dental Center is conveniently located at the southeast corner of Yonge and Major Mackenzie in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
North Hill Dental Center proudly serves the surrounding areas of Richmound Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Maple Purpleville, King City, Gormley, Greensborough and Markham.